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HP P2055 Toner Cartridge Replacement - user guide CE505A

Manual utilizare HP LaserJet P2030/P2030SERIES/P2033/P2033N/P2035/P2035N/P2036/P2036N/P2037/P2037N/P2050/P2050SERIES/P2053D/P2053DN/P2053X/P2054D/P2054DN/P2054X/P2055/

Vídeo Recarga Toner HP CE505A | 05A | P2035 | P2055DN - Vídeo Aula Valejet.com

www.valejet.com - Vídeo Aula Detalhada: Como Recarregar Toner HP CE505A utilizado nas impressoras HPP2035 | P2035N | P2055 | P2055D | P2055DN | P2055X.

Compre Agora:
Refil de Toner + Chip:http://www.valejet.com/produto/refil-de-toner-e-chip-hp-ce505a-05a-p2035-2055-130g.html
Refil de Toner (Recagar Única): http://www.valejet.com/produto/refil-de-toner-hp-ce505a-05a-p2035-140g.html
Lâmina de Limpeza: http://www.valejet.com/produto/lamina-de-limpeza-hp-p2035-p2055-ce505a-ce505x.html
Lâmina Dosadora: http://www.valejet.com/produto/rolo-de-carga-pcr-hp-p2035-p2055dn-p2035n-p2055-ce505a-ce505x.html
Rolo Magnético:http://www.valejet.com/produto/rolo-magnetico-hp-p2035-p2055-ce505a-ce505x.html

Veja Todos Produtos para sua Recarga: http://www.valejet.com/index?page=search%2Fsearch_result\u0026by=1\u0026keyword=Ce505

HP LaserJet P2055 Toner Cartridge Drum Drive Connector

In this video we go over the odd toner cartridge drum drive connector that HP used on the HP LaserJet P2035 and HP LaserJet P2055dn printers. The cartridge OEM Part Number is CE505A or CE505X.

HP also used this design the HP LaserJet P3015 cartridges. OEM Par Number CE255A and CE255X.

At first glance to the end user it appears to look as if the cartridge is broken, but that is how these where designed by HP. On occasion these will also impede the cartridge from going into and sometimes coming out of the printer itself. Some of the aftermarket toner remanufacturers have come up with a solution to not have the gear interation dangle like it does.

Thanks for watching guys and gals!
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