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The Best Office Chair for Heavy Use? realspace mftc 200 Review

Buy the chair: https://amzn.to/2LT9zxh
The Seat Pad I use: https://amzn.to/2LUf0xQ
A great chair, considering how much time I've spent sitting in it, I did the math and it turns out to have cost me just 7¢ about a day! Totally worth it. I bought mine from Office Depot, but you can find it on Amazon as well. I really like this chair because of the slight angle I can sit at, allowing me to relieve my sciatic nerve and still have lower back support.
NikiMik : Man, I have totally developed sciatica and my office chair just seems to aggregate it more and more. I remember seeing a chair where the seat had the tilt feature but also the seat allows you to slide the seat forward or back. I can’t figure out where I saw it but I might look into this one bc your 3 yr old chair looks about the same as the new one. Thanks for the review.
R N : This chair doesn’t swivel...?
Roberto Moreno : Hi, what are the max/min seat height from floor to top of seat?
Bridig : I have this chair, I bought it in 2007. I still have this chair and love it SO much. The hydraulics haven't failed, though I have lost a bolt or two. The only thing that I have had to replace is the chair padding, which was exceedingly easy to do. I recommend this chair 1000%
Belinda Alwine-Torres : I just bought a used chair this model. Do you know what the knob on the near the levers controls?
Steel Rarebit : Just bought this chair a few days ago from Office Max. It was $219. I like the functions. I like the mesh back and the seat cushion material. The one thing that I find difficult is that the seat cushion seems a little too firm for me. How long does it usually take for it to start breaking in? Does that make it feel more soft or does it always stay this firm?
supersaiyanbino : I just got the chair. When I raise it up its fine but when I sit on it it sinks down as if I didn't raise it. Is there a lock or something?
Heidi Thomas : Thanks! It helped with my decision!
Ryan Gehret : Just picked this up for $120. Really like it so far
T. N. : Hi, im planning to get the chair and u mentioned that the seat could be tilted, but can it be adjusted to slide further out or further back? (Horizontal adjustment is what I meant).

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