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Slip ring Induction Motor, How it works ?

Induction motors have been ruling the industrial world for many decades. In the induction motors used in lift and hoists, you will see a type of rotor called a slip ring rotor, whereas in most of the other applications you will see a simpler, squirrel cage type of rotor. Why are there two different designs of rotor construction for induction motors? We will explore this in the video.

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Unstoppable : Which one's faster squirrel cage or slip somthing
Sandeep Singh Tagore : Why there is max EMF & current on different bars.?
player playing : Such a beautiful animation and explanation thanks a lott sir
Asaad Hussein : Thanks
zubair enaam : the best video.
Rishabh Purohit : You only showed what it's used for and not exactly how a slip ring works
MENZEL MOTORS : we love Slip ring Induction Motors ;-)
speed raser : I have had to switch focus to DC.
speed raser : Ac is wonderful to work with. Paralel wiring of motors will produce adaquete thrust. Series wirring of motors will produce perpetual motion.
B S : Amazing

Introduction to Slip Rings

Want to learn more about Moog slip rings? With over 35 years of experience, our Business Development Specialist will introduce you to the basics of slip rings and how they are designed and manufactured. You will learn about the internal workings that allow for the transmission of power and data as well as learn about the assembly itself. We cover the different sizes of slip rings that are used in sensors, inertial navigation platforms and wind turbines.

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S To : slip ring sucks, rotary transformer is the best
Phasor Systems : Hey could you try this software? Look for androidcircuitsolver on google
jason johnson : Thanks
2LeftThumbs : Nice intro, looking forward to the follow ups
Daniel Galanos : I look forward to seeing more about slip rings. Specifically, material considerations, contact design, MTF. Thanks for the solid video!
monti : nice video

How I install a 3 wire slip ring on my MW&S turbine

This is how I plan to install a 3 wire slip ring on my MW\u0026S turbine,, No turbine modifications needed :),, I think it will work,,,
Hangzhou Prosper : Great! It seems that the slip ring is produced by us....hahaha
atrila nanda : Sir, can you show me design from slip ring?, I want make it, i'm waiting your answer
pulesjet : Your wires are still allowed to move about..
Shantel Bollmann : With Avasva plans doing something like that was easy.
Carmelina Rosinski : I love use Avasva Solutions for that issue.
Greg : great video,
Vlad Koshel : Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think
Barlin Times Slip Ring : Hello Jason, we are slip ring supplier in China, which also included wind turbine slip ring. After checking your information, we found our product design is similar with yours,or maybe more compact dimension. If you have interest, just check our website page-- . Or if you want to know more technical details, just send email via Sorry for bothering your precious time.
Wabu Mini Farm : I will put a link to video 2 where I install the 3 wire slip ring,,
Rev John O'Toole : if you put it in from the top you won't have to take off the bracket.
maybe you and should get a head cam for this, bill rosa has one....
it's snowing and here
btw, why not put a third or forth turbine on your roof line, you would get more height




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